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Managing Partners

Harry Snodgrass

Harry brings over 25 years of audio experience to BeepTone.  Harry is known as a top Mixer, Sound Supervisor and Sound Designer – with numerous award nominations for mixing and was awarded an Emmy for his work on "Flight 93" for A&E.  Prior to BeepTone, Harry’s career in the Hollywood film and music industry began while working at 20th Century Fox in 1988 in the Music and Scoring department where he worked in numerous capacities from archivist to scoring mixer.  Harry was one of the first sound editors to implement the use of electronic editing in sound via the use of an early audio editing system called Hybrid Arts ADAP.  Seeing the potential of this kind of equipment and technology, he immediately saw the significance of audio and technology company Digidesign and immediately became one of their first Beta-testers and developers in Hollywood.  For many years, Harry worked with Digi to tune their hardware and software to the needs of musicians, sound editors and mixers.  Harry, along with a small group of other industry leaders opened the door for Digidesign in Hollywood by having Digidesign’s then “new-fangled” technology adopted by Fox and then shortly thereafter, by Universal Studios.  At the same time a few key recording studios also jumped on board and the future was set.

While at Fox, Harry was a sound supervisor, designer, and mixer for many 20th Century Fox films including; PREDATOR 2 (Joel Silver), ALIENS 3 (David Fincher), ROBIN HOOD – MEN IN TIGHTS (Mel Brooks), BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (Penelope Spheeris) and HOT SHOTS - PART DEUX (Jim Abrahms).  Harry also created sound for the pilot of the SIMPSONS during his work on the TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW.  As Manager of Music Editorial, he archived the entire music library for the studio and helped save the immense music and sound effects library, which was deteriorating due to vinegar syndrome.  These vital transfers of eighty years of music to digital format inspired Harry’s work today in his sound restoration of classic films. Additionally at Fox, Harry established his own post-production company on the 20th Century Fox lot, Visiontrax. This provided his first taste of building and managing a company as well as the opportunity to more effectively steer a team of people to create great work, on time and on budget.

Because of his pioneering efforts at Fox, Harry was asked to manage the post-production sound department at Universal Studios.  As Director of Feature Sound Editorial he managed a large production staff, collaborated on projects with other studio departments such as picture editorial, theme park development, film/TV production and studio operations.  He not only designed, supervised, and mixed sound on many Universal film and television shows including; AMERICAN PIE (Chris Weitz) BASEKETBALL (the Zucker Brothers), MCHALE’S NAVY (Brian Spicer), LAW AND ORDER (Dick Wolfe), the Emmy nominated THE BEAST and ROAR, but was most critically known for his sound restoration work for such cinema classics as VERTIGO, REAR WINDOW and TOUCH OF EVIL.

Harry shifted focus again in 2003 to the Independent film market by provided his sound talents to the breakthrough hit “NAPOLEON DYNAMITE”.  Since then he has worked on over 40 more Independent films, documentaries, numerous television shows and television movies.

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Harry Snodgrass earned his Bachelors of the Arts in Communications from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Roland De Leon

Roland brings over 25 years of audio experience to BeepTone. Roland has an extensive background in acoustical engineering, hardware design, sound recording and production. Prior to launching BeepTone, he was the Chief Technical Officer for Delfin Media an audio and video streaming media company, and was the inventor of their proprietary streaming hardware technologies. Prior to joining Delfin Media, he served as the Chief Technical Officer for Centerian LLC in Latin America. At Centerian he played critical roles in the process of raising capital as well as developing and managing the business strategy for the building of data centers throughout Latin America. He also played an important role in the creation of new business relationships with some of the world's biggest technology companies.

Roland is also credited with building the first ubiquitous media distribution platform to deliver content to some of today's coolest consumer electronic devices. This platform is in use today by many companies across the globe and utilized for commercial media broadcast distribution. Companies ranging from educational facilities to media conglomerates leverage Roland's platform to distribute some of today's biggest musical acts to you the listener.

Music and Production

Roland has always been involved in music. It is his passion. Ask any one in Texas who knows him...Roland has recorded mixed and mastered records for hundreds of bands, record labels, commercial & satellite radio stations.  Roland has done technical development or production work for Sony, Columbia, Apple, ATT, Intel, XM satellite Radio Sirius Satellite Radio and more.