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We Will Review Your Mixed CD

There’s a reason why every major release goes through the audio mastering process: CD mastering can make a huge difference in the final quality of most every recording. That’s why we are offering a FREE Audio Mastering review.  As part of our mission to make your CD project a success, BeepTone engineers will preview your master recorded disc to determine how your CD would benefit from mastering. After reviewing your master thoroughly, an engineer will contact you and give you an honest evaluation, with no sales pitch.

Our engineers will review your project for:

· Is the overall level of your album competitive with major-label releases in your genre, or do you have to turn the volume of your CD up to match others?

· Is the level consistent from track to track, or do you need to adjust the volume for each track as you listen through the entire album?

· Are there any concerns with the EQ that could be addressed in mastering? Do you notice some songs have more low-end/bass than others, while some are noticeably brighter?

· Is there noise before or after tracks that should be removed, or fade-outs that need to be smoother?

·  Plus many other technical and creative elements to make your music sound amazing!

A FREE Audio Mastering Review by BeepTone gives you the opportunity to have your CD mixing and master previewed in one of our world-class mastering suites, on a monitoring system that can reveal issues masked by a typical home/project studio environment.

For more information about receiving a Free Mastering Review call us today.