one song $35
2 songs $70
3 songs $105
4-6 songs $140
7-12 songs $175
13-16 songs $210
17-20 songs $245
21+ songs call for quote

DETAILS:  If you are not satisfied with our work, we will do a straight transfer of your master and you pay nothing for mastering services.

Free Review!

CD mastering can make a huge difference in the final sound of most recordings. As part of our mission to make your project a success, BeepTone engineers will preview your mixed recording (at no cost to you) to determine whether or not your CD would benefit from CD Mastering. Call us and we'll give you our honest assesment with no string attached.


For $75.00 we'll adjust your recorded mixes levels and/or change your track sequence and spacing. The price does not include EQ or compression.

 Add CD Text and ISRC codes to your album for $39.00 Free with any mastering package. Please make your ISRC codes available on the questionnaire form.

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Please note that normal turn around times are one to two weeks. Rush orders are available but are charged at 50% more then the cost listed. Click here or on the Paypal logo to go to our payment page.
Audio Mastering by BeepTone

Audio Mastering Pricing

EP & Full-length CD Mastering now just $420

During the CD mastering process, a BeepTone mastering engineer optimizes your CD by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing, so your album can compete with any indie or major label release. BeepTone utilizes the highest quality digital and analog audio equipment creating a sound that can't be beat. This combination of technology is what will make your music come to life. At BeepTone we are more then technicians, we are artists that understand how to push technology to achieve a world-class sound. This service can cost you thousands of dollars in other studios. BeepTone delivers professional quality at prices all musicians can afford.