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ISRC Codes (International Standard Recording Code) Explained
ISRC codes are assigned to songs and encoded onto a CD for tracking purposes (royalties, etc.). Each song will have a unique code that's a series of 12 letters and numbers. An example of an ISRC code is: US-ABC-12345. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording, independent of the format on which it appears (CD, audio file, etc) or the rights holders involved. Only one ISRC should be issued to a track, and an ISRC can never represent more than one unique recording.

To obtain an ISRC code, you'll need to go to the ISRC website and apply.
Click here to go to the site.

The RIAA charges a one time fee of $75.00 to register. The Registrant Code you receive will allow you to assign up to 100,000 ISRCs per year for recordings that you own. The Registrant Code will stay with you for life, and the ISRCs you assign will work in any territory of distribution. When you visit the ISRC web site at the above link, you'll find a FAQ and other information regarding the use of ISRC codes.